Lets celebrate something today!

Go to the shop to buy the garlands.

Personalising your garlands

There are many ways to personalise the garlands. To one of the basic designs, you can add one of the following options:

– One or two names
– One or two names and a date
– Initials
– A couple (man&woman, woman&woman, man&man)

In the ‘Shop’ section of the website you find all the options to choose from.

Three basic designs

There are three basic designs, namely; Tulips, Hearts and Stars. One of these designs will be the base of your garland. If you go to one of the personalised garlands of you preferences, you choose in the ‘option’ area what will be the base of the garland you order. Apart from this, you can also just order some meters of basic garlands, without personalising. To celebrate every day, or as a perfect addition to a personalised garland!

Three different types of material

The Curious Matter paper collection, is a special line of paper made with potatoes. We use this paper for the colours white, black and taupé. It is a strong paper, with a luxury appearance.  You can use the garland multiple times, but it is recommended to use this garland indoors. The Curious Matter paper is FSC certified.

While Tyvek looks similar to paper, it is in fact a form of plastic made from tiny polyethylene fibers, a synthetic material. Tyvek is waterproof, tear resistant and really long lasting. If you want to have a garland that is surviving a windy garden wedding, we recommend you to go for this material. 

The Sparkling paper, which we use for gold, pearl and silver, is a mixture of polyester and paper. It is a strong material, but recommended to use indoors, or outdoors on a sunny day!

Size, length and price

The size of a flag is 25 by 25 centimeters. There are hanging 2 flags per meter of garland. The garlands come in multiple lengths:

– 2,5 meter
– 5 meter
– 10 meter
– 20 meter
– 50 meter

The longer the garland, the lower the price per flag.