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Personalised Garlands

There are multiple ways to personalise the garlands;

– One or two names
– One or two names and a date
– Initials
– A couple (man&woman, woman&woman, man&man)
– Letters of the alphabet, to create a name garland

Garland designs

In the shop you will find garlands with Hearts, Tulips and Stars.

They are ready to order up to 50 meter in all the colours we offer! If you order a personalised garland, one of these 3 designs will be the base.

White, black and taupé paper

The white, black and taupé coloured garlands are made from 135 grams Curious Matter paper. This is a strong paper made with… potatoes! Because of the material it has a luxury, matte appearance.  It is recommended to use these garlands indoor, or outdoors on dry days. The Curious Matter paper is FSC certified.

Gold and silver paper

The gold and silver paper is a truly sparkling material! This is a paper from the Curious Metallics collection. It is a mixture of polyester and paper, 120 grams.
It is recommended to use this garlands indoors, or outdoor on dry days.
The Curious Metallics paper is FSC certified.

Delivery times

Some of the garlands you find in the shop are ready-to-order, others are, like the personalised ones, made-by-order. This means that different garlands have different delivery times. With each design you will find the proper information about the estimated shipping time. In case you have any doubts or last-minute orders, don’t hesitate to contact us trough the contact form!

Size, length and price

The size of a flag is 25 by 25 centimeters, 2 flags per meter. The garlands come in multiple lengths:

– 2,5 meter
– 5 meter
– 10 meter
– 20 meter
– 50 meter

The longer the garland, the lower the price per flag!