Personalised garlands


Hello! Welcome to the personalised garland-section of the shop. Here you can compose the garland of your dreams! There are different types of papers, colours and designs where you can choose from, to mix and match the way you want it. But before you start doing all of this, scroll down on this page to read the composing manual, to make sure all your questions are answered before you even had them ;). If you still have any doubts  after this, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Garland Composing Manual

Mix it all up!

The nice thing here is, you can buy multiple flag-designs to be used on one garland. I actually encourage my clients to do this, because it looks so nice! If you order multiple designs, leave a note at the checkout to tell me which ones you would like to combine. Apart from mixing the designs, you can also mix the colours. But before you do this; check out the different types of papers! The different colours are made of different material, so be sure you know what you are mixing.


The starting price is 2,65 dollar per flag, starting with a garland-length of 2,5 meter. When you raise the amount of meters, the price per flag is going down.

The costs to personalise a design are one time $10. This amount is already included in the price you see.


When you enter the names in case of personalising, make sure you write the names correctly. The names have a limited amount of characters, 10 per name. Although 10 characters per name are the limit, I would recommend you to use nicknames or shortened names. (as in: Samuel > Sam, Susanna > Suus, Florencia > Flore, Ignachia > Nacha, etc..) The shorter the names, the nicer it looks on a garland (and the easier to read from a distance!).


When you order the garlands, I will get back to you within 24 hours to inform you about the delivery date. Be sure you do not order the garlands if you expect them to be on the mail the next day. The whole process is manual and requires some time. If you want to have an estimated time of delivery before you place the order, hit me up through the contact form!


There are tree different material options; Tyvek, Curious Matter and Sparkling paper.


Curious Matter paper

The Curious Matter paper collection, is a special line of paper made with potatoes.
The paper has a matte finish in a deep colour, a combination of factors that creates the impression of depth. It does not reflect light and has a really luxury appearance. It is a strong paper, but like all paper, it is delicate and not water proof. You can use the garland multiple times, but it is recommended to use this garland indoors. Outdoors is no problem if there is just a little breeze and the sun is shining!


While Tyvek looks similar to paper, it is in fact a form of plastic made from tiny polyethylene fibers, a synthetic material. Tyvek is waterproof, tear resistant and really long lasting. If you want to have a garland that is surviving a windy garden wedding, we recommend you to go for this material. Choose for ‘Tyvek’ in the color-option. The tyvek garland is only available in white.

Sparkling paper

The Sparkling paper speaks for itself; this golden, silver and pearl paper is a beautiful shiny paper, looking like it was made of crystals. The paper is a mixture of polyester and paper. It is a strong material, but recommended to use indoors, or outdoors on a sunny day!